Security & PCI-DSS compliance

Keep safe with security best practice and PCI-DSS compliance

When Tim Berners-Lee invented the web, he envisaged a simple system for document sharing and never imagined how popular it was to become. We rely on it so much for trade and commerce but many critical services are protected by passwords which are easy to guess. Most web traffic is transmitted in plain text and is easy to intercept and snoop. Interested amateurs can download simple to use toolkits which have the ability to break into your website.

You simply must consider security at all times when you're on the web. Internet baddies can hijack any of your online services.

Do you remember where your domain name is registered and know how guessable your password is? Have you used the same password at an Internet service that's been compromised? If someone can guess or obtain the password for where your domain name is hosted, they can access most of your online accounts by simply pointing the email for your domain to their servers and sending themselves password reminders for your accounts.

Another security consideration is your own website and servers. If you don't regularly update your website and web server software, both can be infiltrated and your company and customers' important information stolen.

If you handle credit cards you will already be aware of PCI compliance which is designed to ensure the safety of your customers' credit card details. We can help keep your servers and website software up-to-date to ensure compliance. If you want top-grade security, we can even set you up a secure hosting environment that will pass the stringent checks for PCI-DSS compliance. If you want to make your own accounts more secure, we can show you how to set up two factor authentication.

Let us worry about your online security so you don't have to.

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