Big traffic

We can help your website handle traffic peaks whether you're expecting them or not.

Some increases in web traffic can be predicted but many come out of the blue. Whatever causes visitors to your website to increase; your web hosting should be configured to handle it. Whether it's a tweet from Stephen Fry or a launch of your latest product, we can scale up your web hosting to handle it.

If you know more traffic is coming or want to ensure you don't miss the opportunity if it does, we can help!

However your web site is hosted, we can configure it so your visitor capacity increases with your traffic and if you host your website in cloud, we can even configure your web hosting so it automatically decreases its capacity when your traffic is at lower levels, saving you money. Please visit our cloud automation section for more information.

If your website is hosted on dedicated hardware, it's still possible to configure your hosting to automatically handle traffic peaks. Your website can be configured so that popular content is cached and advanced functionality is automatically disabled gracefully when the server is busy. This decreases the work a web server needs to undertake to serve each visitor which in turn means more visitors can be handled by each web server.

How we can help

  • Benchmark your website to determine how much traffic it can handle
  • Work with your developers to optimise code and ensure your website performs to its full potential
  • Set up cloud hosting to react automatically to any increase or decrease in traffic
  • Configure your website so that popular content is cached, increasing the number of visitors you can handle
  • Create a fall-back version of your website to ensure your visitors see something in case your site fails

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