Ideas & consultancy

Let the experts help you get the most out of your web presence!

We can improve every aspect of your web presence.

We've helped companies in all sorts of ways from setting up a simple website to creating an entire website infrastructure. If you browse through our website you'll see we have many ideas to help you work smarter. We can transform your business with just a few days of consultancy. Here are just a few areas where we can help.

Website support

Has your incumbent web developer recently quit leaving you without cover? Do you have a website, server or cloud setup that you have no idea how to look after? We can help manage your existing website and hosting for you. We work pro-actively to spot potential website failures before they happen. Either ad-hoc or on a retainer, give us a shout and we'll fix your issues whenever they occur.

System administration

We're accomplished system administrators and can do the complicated server tasks that you dread. Whether you need your server upgraded to retain its PCI Compliance or you simply need a new version of PHP, let us help. We can configure regular backups, configuration management, monitoring and ensure your server is secure.

Selecting the right website platform

Don't just go with the website platform that your marketing agency suggests. It will likely be what's easiest for them rather than what's best for you. We can work with you to gather your requirements and get you set up with the website that is right for you.

Chef consultancy and training

As authors of Getting started with Chef - the go-to guide for learning Chef online - we're uniquely placed to help whether you are taking your first steps with Chef or managing something more complicated.

Vagrant consultancy and training

If you or your development team are not using Vagrant development environments, then you are wasting time you could otherwise spend developing! Let us help you implement a new development process that will keep your developers developing.

Continuous integration and delivery

We're keen to show you how to improve the reliability of your application and ensure new features go live without headaches with continuous integration. When new code deployments are hassle free, you can deploy new code whenever you want. This is called continuous delivery and it gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors.

We can help with all things web! Contact us!