Hello Future

When your traffic increases, our robot will automatically create a new web server for you.

Welcome to the automated future of the web

Hello Future can help your web site or application handle traffic peaks, automatically recover from failure and ensure you can quickly develop and deploy new features without any downtime.

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Cloud automation

We can configure your web site or application to detect increases in traffic and automatically raise capacity and recover from failure without any human intervention.

Web development

With over 14 years experience in developing for companies large and small, we can help you build reliable web sites and applications that scale. Web sites we have architected have already served many millions of visitors and are ready to serve billions more.

System administration

Has your incumbent web developer just quit? Do you have a web site, server or cloud setup that you have no idea how to look after? We can look after your existing web hosting for you. We'll configure regular backups, configuration management, monitoring, ensure your server is secure and most likely fix any failures before you notice them.

Chef consultancy and training

As authors of the Getting started with Chef - the goto guide for learning Chef online - we're uniquely placed to help whether you are taking your first steps with Chef or managing something more complicated.

Vagrant consultancy and training

If you or your development team are not using Vagrant development environments then you are wasting time you could otherwise spend developing! Let us help you implement a new development process that will keep your developers developing.

Continuous integration and delivery

We're keen to show you how to improve the reliability of your application and ensure new features go live without headaches with continuous integration. When new code deployments are hassle free, you can deploy new code at will. This is called continuous delivery and it gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors.

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